About Piroozy Hotel Isfahan
Isfahan Piroozy Hotel, under the supervision of Dariush Holding; Like as a beautiful gem in a city full of mystery with hospitable people, it has the honor of being present in the field of hospitality for more than half a century.

At the beginning of its operation, Piroozy Hotel was opened under the name of Dariush Hotel at the crossroads of Safaviyeh and Qajar, and with a path full of victories, it is eager to meet all the guests from all over the world.

Over the years, we have taken a path towards the ultimate stars of hospitality, but we will never be successful without your support and notice.

All our efforts are to make memories for you and play memories with you on all the websites of the world in the field of tourism.

Be our guest so that we can think more about development, progress, self-improvement and hospitality with your presence, we want to be proud to host you.

Great access
Piroozy Hotel is located in the center of Isfahan, in the vicinity of Chehelston Garden and Mansion, and in the shortest distance from the huge Naqsh Jahan Complex, Isfahan Jame Mosque, Ali Qapu, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan Grand Bazaar, Hasht Behesht Garden and Mansion, Chaharbagh Mosque and School, Bazaar Art, Museum of Natural History (Timurian Hall), Museum of Contemporary Arts and Museum of Decorative Arts, and finally the historical complex of Aligli Agha, which includes a bazaar, a bathhouse, and a mosque.

On the green edge of the old Chaharbagh, a street that can take you to the beautiful river Zayandeh Rood and its historical and beautiful bridges such as thirty-three bridges, Khajo, Marnan and… deliver

Hosting with heart and soul

With years of experience in hosting and accompanying travelers and guests from all over the world

AmirMasoud Lavafan

AmirMasoud Lavafan Hotel Management

Yahya AkhavanNezhad

Yahya AkhavanNezhad Deputy

Saeid Haratian​

Saeid Haratian​ Deputy

شهروز اسماعیلی

شهروز اسماعیلی سرپرست مالی

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کلثوم معتمدی سرپرست رزرواسیون

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مهدی صالحی سرپرست تشریفات

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علی محمد خودسیانی سرپرست آشپزخانه

We support your companionship

Loyal guests who have accompanied us over the past years and spent unforgettable moments with us. We enthusiastically support your smart choice so that you can see life from a special and beautiful view at Pirouzi Hotel.

Dariush Tourism Group
Isfahan Piroozy Hotel is one of the brands under the Dariush Tourism Group under the management of Mr. Engineer Masoud Lovafan. Dariush Tourism Holding was opened on the first day of 2021 with the support of more than half a century of service in the field of hospitality.

Dariush Tourism Group, all tourism activities, including extensive hotel and accommodation services, conducting domestic and foreign tours, organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, domestic and international events, hosting sports and scientific competitions, importing equipment related to the tourism industry, selling all kinds of plane tickets. , train and bus and finally provides the evaluation of accommodation units with the cooperation of its members

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