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Welcome to Piroozy Hotel Isfahan

Hotel in the heart of Isfahan, half of the world...

As a beautiful gem in a city full of mystery with hospitable people, Piroozy Hotel is proud to be present in the field of hospitality for four decades

The former Dariush Hotel was opened at the crossroads of Safaviyeh and Qajar, and with a path full of victories, it is eager to meet all the guests from all over the world.

Over the years, we have taken a path towards the ultimate stars of hospitality, but without your support and notice, we will never be successful.

We hope to create memories for you and play memories with you on all the websites of the world in the field of tourism.

Be our guest so that we can think more about development, progress, self-improvement and hospitality with your presence, we want to be proud to host you.

Amir Masoud Lavafan


Service available

Everything you need for your comfort

Iranian and foreign restaurants

Providing a variety of Iranian and international foods with the highest quality

Coffee shop and fast food

Serving all kinds of coffee, natural drinks and fast foods

WiFi Internet

Unlimited free high speed internet

VIP Parking

Free 24-hour parking for hotel guests

conference hall

Holding various seminars, meetings and ceremonies

Safe box

A safe place to store your valuables and documents


Providing laundry services for all kinds of clothes and fabrics

TV and satellite

Equipped with high quality LED and satellite TVs

Grooming for men

All kinds of specialized trimming services with different styles

cafe & restaurant

By having 2 restaurants, we provide you with the possibility of choosing a wide range of delicious Iranian and oversea foods to suit every taste. All our efforts are that the various restaurants of the hotel evoke the pleasure of food along with pleasant and unforgettable times for the satisfaction of you, dear guests.
There are also two coffee shops equipped with the highest quality equipment and the most up-to-date facilities, which with the unique view of Chaharbagh has tried its best to create a calm and pleasant environment with a variety of hot and cold drinks, desserts and cakes, a worthy choice to create the best and provided the most memorable birthday ceremony, meetings and meetings for your loved ones

conference hall

The conference hall of Piroozy Hotel has a modern design and benefits from an experienced ceremonial staff with a capacity of more than 250 people, equipped with a complete sound system and the ability to arrange various types of layouts, including classrooms and rectangles; It has created a pleasant environment for the guests, which will always be remembered in their memory

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Tourist tours

With more than 10 years of experience in the heart of Isfahan city, we offer you a wide range of international accommodations so that you have the chance to choose the best tours in Iran with the best flights and hotel services.

Shahrazad Bal Air Travel and Pilgrimage Service Office and Parsian Naqsh Jahan Air Travel and Pilgrimage Service Office, which are the pillars of Dariush Holding, offer a variety of quality Iranian and foreign tours, as well as pilgrimage tours to Mecca They guarantee

Up to 5 stars . .

Piroozy Hotel From 4 stars to 5 stars, a memorable experience in the heart of Isfahan

When you travel to Isfahan, Piroozy Hotel welcomes you as a luxurious and relaxing destination for your stay This hotel, which is currently known as a 4-star hotel, will now become a 5-star luxury hotel with the continuous efforts of its professional architectural and decoration team.

The development plan of Piroozy Hotel is designed with the goal and slogan of a pleasant stay and a lasting memory in Isfahan This hotel includes luxurious rooms and public spaces designed with high precision, amazing restaurants with an open Iranian and foreign menu, spa pools and a sports club.

By expanding the facilities and services of Piroozy Hotel, it is guaranteed that every moment of your stay here will be an unforgettable and memorable experience From the moment you enter the stylish and modern lobby to the moment you leave, every detail is designed to make you feel like you are in a luxurious paradise.

Therefore, if you are looking for a unique and luxurious stay in the heart of Isfahan, Piroozy Hotel with 5 star rating (soon) is waiting for you We are proud to host you!

Piroozy Hotel