Terms and Conditions of Piroozy Hotel

When you decide to reserve a room, you most probably concentrate your attention on the facilities of the rooms as well as their prices. Meanwhile, you may forget about the hotel’s terms and conditions, which may cause a problem for your stay. [therefore] Please study the terms and conditions of hotel Piroozy before your  stay.

Necessary documents for check-in

  • Having a valid identification is necessary.
  • Having identity certificate is obligatory for spouses.
  • Having identity certificate for temporary marriage contract and also religious marriage certificate sealed by notary are required.
  • Checking-in is only possible for foreign guests who have passports with visa.
  • Checking-in is only possible for women with valid ID cards and photo-attached identity certificates.
  • Extra beds are for half-fare for children 3-6 provided that they don’t use the extra beds.
  • Children over 6 will be considered as adults and therefore extra beds will be at full-price for them.
  • Observance of all Islamic customs and norms is mandatory.
  • Checking-in is at 14:00 and checking-out is at 12:00.

checking-in requirements for people with special needs

  • Parking lot specific to the disabled
  • Parking lot equipped with ramp and close to the elevator
  • Proper space for van parking specific to the disabled
  • Hotel entrance (equipped) with ramp
  • Assisting people with special needs to carry cases
  • Floors (equipped) with ramps for commuting
  • Appropriate width at the entrance of the rooms for wheelchairs and special canes
  • Suitable tables and chairs for hosting
  • Restaurant (equipped) with ramps
  • Appropriate distance between restaurant tables
  • Barrier-free entrance
  • Suitable poles in bathrooms and toilets
  • Wheelchairs and canes in the hotel

Cancellation Rules and Conditions

  • Any delay in checking-in program or cancellation of the reservation must be notified to the hotel at the time of booking, otherwise the amount of loss to be paid by the customer is as follows:
    – Up to 72 hours before arrival, 30% of the one-night stay will be deducted for each room.
    – Up to 48 hours before arrival, 50% of the cost of one night stay will be deducted for each room.
    – From 24 hours before arrival, 100% of the cost of one night stay will be deducted for each room.
    – If the guest does not come to the hotel on time, the room will be kept empty only for one night and will be canceled the next day and the cost of one night stay will be deducted for each room.
    – The hotel is not responsible for missing or delaying and canceling the guests’ means of travel , and if guests do not come to the hotel on the appointed day, they will be subject to the conditions of cancellation and cancellation of the reservation.
    – If the reservation is canceled by the hotel as a result of force majeure (occurrence of natural disasters and accidents beyond the control and will of the parties), all funds received will be refunded to the guest.
    – If the reservation made by the hotel is canceled for reasons other than force majeure, the received funds will be refunded to the guest. Also, with the consent of the guest, the hotel can provide another accommodation unit with similar conditions and prices for them.
    – group reservations can be canceled up to one month before the arrival of the passenger without penalty. After one month, the total number of booked rooms will be charged per night.